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"O'Brien from Ardee" awarded 'Single of the Year' 2008

Declan accepting the award for 'Single of the Year' for his song "O'Brien from Ardee" at the 102FM Country & Folk Awards 2008.

The award was presented by David Browne at Rathkeale House Hotel on the 25 February 2008.

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"Christmas Dreams" scoops best Christmas Single

Declan's 2008 Christmas Release was awarded Best Christmas Single at West Limerick 102FM Awards night in The Devon Inn, Templeglantine, Co Limerick on February 9th


Declan Aungier




My Kind of Music (2008)

  1. Back Home in Tipperary
  2. Little Bitty Tear
  3. Irish Waltz Selection
  4. The Midlands of Ireland
  5. In Eireann ni Eosfhionn ce hi
  6. The Deepening Snow
  7. The Dancing Dustman
  8. Drumcolliher Long Ago
  9. Slosh Selection
  10. Can't Take Your Memory Away
  11. Anto's Cajun Cousins
  12. O'Brien from Ardee




The Magic Touch (2003)

  1. Reel Selection – The Reconciliation, The Heather Breeze, St. Anne’s
  2. Slaves Chorus
  3. The Floppy Eared Mule
  4. Waltz Selection – The Isle of Harris, Willie Flanagan’s, Waltz for Joe and Phil
  5. Jig Selection – Poor Nell, The Rocking Chair, Jean Ireland
  6. The White Rose of Athens
  7. Polka Selection
  8. The Jacqueline Polka
  9. Reel Selection – The Blackberry Blossom, Mulcairs
  10. Slow Waltz Selection – Little Town in the Auld County Down, Softly Softly
  11. Whistling Rufus
  12. The Cuckoo Waltz
  13. Scottish Reel Selection – J.B. Milne, Greenwood Side, Kinclaven Brig, Kemnay House
  14. Eternal Friendship




Shades of Ireland: Accordion Style (1998)

  1. Irish Reels – Dinny O’Briens, Green Fields of America, The Glass of Beer
  2. Humming Bird Waltz
  3. Hornpipes – Off to California, Stack of Wheat
  4. Quickstep Selection – Bueno Sera, Mona Lisa
  5. Scottish Jigs – Donald Ian Rankine, Kenmuirs Up & Awa’, The Atholl Highlanders Gathering
  6. Irish Waltzes – Homes of Donegal, Castle of Dromore, Queen of Connemara
  7. Military Two-Step Selection – Dear old Donegal, Dan O’Hara, Garden Where the Praties Grow, If You’re Irish, Irish Washerwoman
  8. Irish Reels – Plough in the Stars, Mrs. Crotty’s
  9. Tango Selection – Isle of Capri, Lady of Spain
  10. Foxtrot Selection – Misty Islands of the Highlands, Red Sails in the Sunset
  11. Irish Jig Selection – Out on the Ocean, Munster Buttermilk, Health to the Ladies
  12. Scottish Waltz Selection – The Road and Miles to Dundee, Westering Home, Loch Lomond
  13. Walls of Limerick – La Russe, Caddam Wood, Sword of Colmcille
  14. Slow Air – Eamonn a Chnoic



All-Ireland Accordion Champion (1988)
Re-released on CD in 2008

  1. Kerry Polka’s
  2. Jigs – Sean Norman’s, The Campbell’s are Coming
  3. Hornpipes – McGrath’s, McElligott’s
  4. Reel – McGlinchy’s Reels (Fiddle solo by Maura Hynan)
  5. Jigs (with Fiddle)
  6. The Bluebell Polka
  7. Reels – The Plough and the Stars, Far from Home
  8. Waltzes – Doonaree, Old Rustic Bridge, Galway Bay
  9. Jigs – Donald Ian Rankine, Major Mackie
  10. Reels – The Doon Reel, Father Kelly’s
  11. Hornpipes – Bolgers, Blue Violets
  12. Jigs – Bride’s Favourite, Sackow’s Jig, Hartigan’s Fancy
  13. Reels – Jackie Colman’s, The First House in Connacht



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The Magic Touch - Declan Aungier




Shades of Ireland - Declan Aungier


All-Ireland Accordion Champion Volume 1 - Declan Aungier





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